Five Short Notes on the Passing of Terry Pratchett


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Random Additional Thoughts on “Nation”/”Graveyard Book”   

Neil Gaiman makes me happy I speak and have access to the English language.

Terry Pratchett makes me happy to be a human being, among human beings.


This is still true.



I met him once, in the winter-to-spring bit of 1998.  I told him, very incoherently, that I had written my senior undergrad English thesis on “Small Gods.”  He said (very kindly, and as if I had not been a babbling mess): “Well I hope you got a good mark.”  I was deeply embarrassed and deeply happy that this interaction happened.

This is still true.



I once told a friend of mine that in retrospect, the bulk of my teen-to-adult sense of morality and ethics were shaped by Xena and Granny Weatherwax. I was not entirely sure what that said about me. But I was okay with it.

This is still true.



I want more.

I’m afraid my tears are and have been incredibly, incredibly selfish.  I don’t know how to stop having them, though.

I want so much more.



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Aw, no.

NO, no no no no no NO.

Terry Pratchett diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 



This is  still true.


(We are poorer for the loss of you.)


I don’t understand.


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And so she said to me…

…”You don’t have stage fright.  You have Imposter’s Sydrome.  EVERYBODY has Imposter’s Syndrome.”

And suddenly I felt a frillion times better.

(However, presenting at a conference is still my idea of Hell, eighth circle.  I’ve had such a happy life without PowerPoint up ’til now…)

Oh, I surrender

This blog isn’t going to go anywhere if I continue sitting around waiting until I finish all my Grand Important Philosophical Statements on art and the meaning of literature and justice and What Writing Means to Me… I may as well start with the little things and see what evolves.

Little things like BIG DRAGONS.

To wit:
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12 Mistakes Nearly Everyone Who Writes About Grammar Mistakes Makes

This. Most verily.  Sometimes I see even industry professionals getting sucked down into the Rule vs. Style thing.

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Sometimes my dear little phone-that-could does all right.

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More testing…

…on this shamefully neglected blog, which I WILL do something with soon, promise…

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Coincidence and confluence

Have you ever done a thing where you take this wonderful fantasy name that you think you’ve made up yourself, just stringing together syllables that sound pretty to you, and on a whim you run it through Google and find out that it means something awful in another language?  Or incongruous? Or is the name of a Star Trek character from your very own favorite Trek franchise (HOW did I not realize that??? for so long??) or of a really prominent Nigerian author, and people are going to get mad at you?

Maybe I can play it off like I did it on purpose…

Figuring this stuff out

This is SUCH a placeholder.  Have to get used to not actually being an alias for the first time since, like, ever…