Oh, I surrender

This blog isn’t going to go anywhere if I continue sitting around waiting until I finish all my Grand Important Philosophical Statements on art and the meaning of literature and justice and What Writing Means to Me… I may as well start with the little things and see what evolves.

Little things like BIG DRAGONS.

To wit:

(Very mild spoilers within, but this is the official trailer so they must be all right with you seeing them.)

There’s a spoiler in this trailer that makes me VERY HAPPY, by importing a little somethin’ somethin’ from the books — one that overturns a far-too-common trope in children’s movies.

(I feel comfortable saying the following because Cressida Cowell has gone on record as being an avid supporter of these films: I like about 90 percent of the departures this film series made from Cowell’s series — I like her series, but they are not the sort of kids’ book that work on two levels for me, and I’m pleased both versions of her ‘verse exist — but this one thing Dreamworks did really bothered me, and I’m glad they dragged it back into alignment.  Although… those father-son memorial hats will have to be explained now…)

And honestly, the trailer overall is assuaging a lot of my sequel terror, really.

We shall see.

I will get right onto the philosophical stuff when I finish my dissertation.

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